Verus Consulting Group provides a wide range of services in the multi-purpose sphere of economic safety and security, including informational and analytical support, verification of data provided by individuals as well as investigation of service level by means of �secret shopper� method and staff consulting. Our key value is high quality of our service. We guarantee absolute confidentiality to our clients.

Verifying the applicant's data integrity.

Collection of information about legal entities under examination with further analysis and conclusions.

Field audit and providing a report according to the client's goals and requirements.

Delivery of full and up-to-date information about individuals and legal entities.

Preparation and running of training events about economic safety and security in the sphere of retail landing

Services in staff recruitment and checking the applicants, as well as outstaffing of the client's employees.

Dealing with bad debts of any complexity and at all stages. Debt purchases. Realization of property.

Investigation of the service level and checking the abidance by the client's corporate standards

Collection and analysis of information for investigation of corporate incidents.

We work with all regions of Russia
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