Verus Consulting Group provides a wide range of services in the multi-purpose sphere of economic safety and security. The ultimate objective and result of our work is guaranteed preservation of a client's assets. Our key value is high quality of our service. We guarantee absolute confidentiality to our clients.

Gathered experience in dealing with various businesses helped Verus Consulting Group specialists identify target groups of potential partners and develop tailored commercial offers for them. Nevertheless, this set of services isn't exhaustive and we are ready to work out a proposition consistent with the client's needs.

Verus Consulting Group is a group of companies specializing in economic safety and security. The name of the company – Verus Consulting Group – was predetermined by the key direction of our business – data verification (lat. verus – genuine).

Today Verus Consulting Group is an effective business system which offers not separate services but complex customer care in the sphere of economic safety and security.

The basis of the group was founded more than 10 years ago in early 2000s, when the customer credit market and, consequently, the methods of data verification, used by security services, were just beginning to develop. In 2009 the knowledge, experience and opportunities of each member as well as all the whole team were embodied in a group of companies under the brand Verus Consulting Group. During more than 10 years of teamwork and cooperation we have mastered most various directions in economic safety and security.